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Personalized Therapeutic Massage Therapy

"Escape to a world of timeless tranquility, where ambient music, waterfalls, and low lighting are combined with skilled therapies to rejuvenate and energize your body,mind and spirit..."

We offer the stress-relieving, reviving, experienced massage you've been looking for! We are skilled in DEEP TISSUE - SHIATSU - THAI - SPORTS - PAIN RELIEF, and more...


 According to the holism of TCM,the body is the integration of various viscera, tissues and organs with separate physiological functions. They interact to make up an entire system and balance thorough physiological coordination.The body is the product of this dynamic balance, It uses the theories of unity and the opposing forces of yin and yang. The calm of yin and steadiness of yang both keep a dynamic balance between yin and yang. It reveals the holistic relationship of cooperation and coordination, interaction and regulation between the zang-viscera and the fu-viscera through the theory of generation and restraint of Five Elements(wood, fire, earth, gold, water).

Tokyo Massage  performs its service according to The balance of Yin & Yang referred by Traditional Chinese Medicine, to promote health and prevent illness!


Massage therapy reduces muscle spasms and adhesions, promotes relaxation and stress reduction, increases joint flexibility and range of motion, and enhances your immune system. And, it also improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces mental stress and anxiety, promotes a relaxed mind, improves concentration and mental clarity, and fosters feelings of health and well-being.